Honeymoon woes & tired of your new spouse? Snorkeling should do it.

Honeymoon woes or Bliss?

Roaming to Plettenberg Bay for our honeymoon.

Many howling moons ago our first major trip as a couple was our honeymoon. As travels go, this time we didn’t drift too far from home, only about 500 kilometers away. This was quite a significant one though, for obvious reasons. We camped just outside Plettenberg Bay at a caravan park, because we had no money for a luxurious honeymoon.


Exploring above ground

As part of our daily exploration, we visited Storms River mouth, a marine national park situated in the Tsitsikamma forest section of the Garden Route. There is or was an inter-tidal underwater snorkeling trail among the rocks. My other half of a just a few days wanted to show off his snorkeling skills to me. Let me fill you in. He has spent most of his life with his head underwater. In fact, people have even checked behind his ears to see if he has gills. I, however, was a different matter. Of course I could swim; I love the sea and have spent numerous times usually holding my nose to hold my breath as I splash around and duck under the waves to pop up on the other side. I had never snorkeled before so this was different. How would I manage to suck air through a little plastic tube where water could easily replace my air supply? This would be a new experience. Gallant hubby that he pretended to be, assured me I would manage. He was prepared to teach me in the lagoon at Plettenberg bay and I relented. I practiced a few times in the calm, lukewarm waters of the lagoon and he declared me ready.

Storms River Mouth

Storms River Mouth

Exploring underwater

By the time we got there though, the sea was not very cooperative. The Indian Ocean was pounding relentlessly against the rocky shores. The tide was higher than we wanted and the waves were crashing over the rocks repetitively. The underwater trail was invisible. Hubby reassured me that it would be fine, but if we wanted to do this, we had to leap in immediately before it was too late. Did I want to leap into the unknown where he'd pointed vaguely at a foamy area? I was convinced my husband was already tired of his new wife, and this was all a ploy to get rid of me and he was surely going to succeed. It's always difficult for me toignore a challenge, so in we plunged.

Rest camp Storms River

Storms River Rest Camp

Leaping in

As I leapt in, I was greeted with a sushi platter of seaweed and other unknown sea creatures, determined to tempt my palate. And to wash it down; a deluge of icy sea water. I frantically kicked and paddled like a fidget spinner, trying to stay afloat, while I adjusted my mask and snorkel. This was so different to snorkeling in a calm lagoon. Next to me, my husband left me with a smile on his face, dived down and disappeared into the depths. He must have gills, because with the gaps around the mouthpiece of the snorkel as he grinned from ear to ear, he surely would have swallowed water, unless of course he was amphibious. He then proceeded to leap out of the water like a dolphin performing tricks at an aquarium, shouting some incomprehensible words – I’m not sure if it was encouragement or sniggers. Just as well that I couldn’t hear.

I had no choice. Eventually between waves bashing the rocks I thought I could risk putting my head underwater only to find myself churning in a whirlpool of bubbles distinctly like the spin cycle of a washing machine. Our married life was surely going to end abruptly, whether it be from me drowning or throttling him, if only I could just get close enough to lay hands on him.

Happy as a fish underwater

Hubby was thoroughly enjoying himself like a fish underwater and gesticulated that I must dive down. I on the other hand, was purely trying to survive as I was being tossed about! Eventually, after much encouragement I slowly got the hang of it and I was deeply rewarded for my efforts. Between the waves of milky froth, the remarkable underwater ecosystem exposed itself in moments of clarity and showed me some of its beautiful creatures and colors. The only problem was with all the tumbling and gorging myself on that sushi platter, I was feeling a bit green around the gills.

Would I ever snorkel again? If I had a choice, yes, but only if the sea was flat, calm… and warm.

Bridge over Storms River

Bridge over Storms River Mouth

Rocks - underwater trail

Mixed feelings about underwater trail