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Welcome to my den. Gather round and make yourself comfy while you read my fables. You’ll find some humorous, interesting or adventurous bits when we sauntered around near home, took a road trip to neighboring countries or at times flew to a foreign country. From time to time I’ll add some facts that could be useful.

I’ve always had a passion for traveling and exploring. As kids, we sat on a Persian carpet at my god-parent’s house; one that they’d bought as a souvenir from a foreign market. We drooled over the slides about exotic places, such as Hong Kong or Europe. Then we could touch the trinkets they’d brought home. One of them, an Indian elephant, adorned with its regalia, is still on display in my home. I used to caress those trinkets, dreaming of distant places that one day I would hope to visit.

Over the years I have been fortunate enough to venture to a few of those places and many more are still on my bucket list.

Where have we been? From bush camping in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe to beach camping in Mozambique. Flitting to the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia to island holidays in Madagascar, Seychelles, Maldives, Thailand and Comoros. We’ve even had live aboard diving holidays on the Red Sea in Egypt. There should be something for everyone to read because we’ve left our pawprints in quite a few places.

For many years I’ve dabbled as a part time blogger and social media entrepreneur. There are so many other travel blogs to read, so why am I doing this? I’d like to share my philosophy on travel. It's the destination, yes, but it's also the anticipation of a journey. It's the enjoyment of the experience and it's the disappointment that something didn't turn out quite the way you pictured it or planned it. It's the saturation of your senses that makes travel exhilarating. All those make travel worthwhile and is a catalyst in changing you inside. And I feel it's all worth it.

When I'm not traveling, I'm writing. I write my blogs, of course, but I'm also a fiction writer. At the moment it is a big toss up between traveling and finishing my manuscript. I'm hoping to bring you a few other stories too.

Hop on board and enjoy burrowing through the cache of our adventures.

Happy travels!

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