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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
— Mark Twain

With that wisdom from Mark Twain, what are you waiting for?

Take a look at the available flights, accommodation, gifts and finance.

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October Specials on International and local flights

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Johannesburg to Dubai from R5 149 return - departures: 19 Feb - 03 March 2020

Cspe Town to London from R8 569 return - departures: 17 Jan - 28 Jan 2020

Johannesburg/Durban/Cape Town to Windhoek from R3 699 return - departures: 10 Nov - 14 Dec 2020

*Deals are subject to availability, customers can book until 31 October 2019.


You’re traveling around the world, or at one of your favourite destinations having the time of your life. You remember that it’s someone’s birthday, an anniversary or that Valentine’s Day is approaching and the love of your life is keeping the home fires burning and is not with you on this trip. What do you do? Buy them a gift through Netflorist of course. Netflorist is South Africa’s leading online florist and gift site.

NB: Of course you don’t have to be traveling to buy something from Netflorist!

Flowers from Netflorist

Flowers from Netflorist


NetFlorist is South Africa’s leading online florist and flower delivery site. NetFlorist brings you flowers, hampers and gifts beyond your wildest dreams. Send flowers anywhere in South Africa from our domestic offices all over. Delivering flowers on time with NetFlorist is never a problem. Our international reach stretches as far as UK, Australia, USA and the rest of the globe. No need to take time off work to visit florists, our selection of flowers is unmatched. It’s the ease of flower delivery and sending flowers straight to their doorstep. Floral arrangements and flowers are delivered sameday if ordered before 12 noon. Gift deliveries vary depending on area which range from old school Pretoria and London all the way through to the windy cities of Cape Town and Sydney. Even more pleasurable is the fact that if you do live in Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg, Pietermaritzburg, Manchester or Melbourne you can now have the very best in floral arrangements and gifts, and reap the same rewards as you would if you resided in one of the larger spots in South Africa, the UK and Australia. You have most certainly come to the right place, and can buy flowers and gifts online anytime.

A 100% guarantee is offered on all our flowers, gifts and roses. You no longer need to visit florists in Johannesburg, Brisbane, Birmingham, East London or Durban. We make buying flowers a pleasure. NetFlorist caters for occasions like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Grandparents’ Day, Boss’s Day, Christmas, Secretary’s Day, Spring Day, Birthdays, Anniversaries and more.
— Netflorist






An online travel agency and website to book and compare flights for Domestic travel in South Africa as well as International flights.

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In addition to bringing you the best deals on international and local flights, Travelstart also offers a range of products and services to assist you with your travelling needs. For just a few hundred rand more purchase travel insurance or a rebookable flight for a free date change with your flights. From Visa denied policies to premium service packages and mobile booking apps, we have it all.
— Travelstart


Legacy Hotels & Resorts

Legacy Hotels & Resorts provides accommodation, conferences and events.

28 Destinations and properties in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana & Gabon.

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Legacy prides itself on offering guests a collection of Africa’s most exclusive and unforgettable four and five-star hotels, resorts and bush lodges.

A Legacy property is not about its bricks and mortar, the spacious rooms or fine restaurants. Visiting our world is about discovering something new, something amazing, a place where you will experience special moments to cherish for a lifetime.

Our hotels, resorts and bush lodges have all been carefully designed and built to complement the special features of each destination. While each Legacy property is entirely unique, they all share a charm, elegance and commitment to service excellence to which the discerning traveller has become accustomed.

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, this commitment to excellence and attention to the finer things in life can be enjoyed at any one of our properties.

Welcome to our Legacy...
— Legacy Hotels

Foreign exchange transfers


Financial services for South African expats around the world. Safe and secure solutions to access foreign exchange, transfer retirement savings and emigrate financially.

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FinGlobal is a cross-border financial services company providing premier financial emigration services to South Africans all over the world. We have assisted more than 34 000 South Africans in 80 countries on different aspects of their cross-border financial portfolios.

Whether you’re moving country to start a new chapter, beginning the process of financial emigration from South Africa, or simply looking to invest money into offshore funds as part of a risk diversification strategy, FinGlobal’s capable team has been carefully selected to ensure every transaction is a smooth, successful process.

We know that every client has a unique set of circumstances surrounding their finances, which is why we will always create a unique solution, tailored specifically to your situation.

To this end, FinGlobal offers a full suite of financial services for South Africans, all of which add up to ensure optimal payouts over a shorter period than other providers, and with better exchange rates than commercial banks. All services are all fully compliant
— FinGlobal