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Autonomous jewel of an island in the Comoros - Moheli

Moheli was a sight for sore eyes. I survived my unpleasant ordeal of green gills and hubby lived to tell his tale of nearly becoming fish food.

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Disaster, Compromise and Charm at the Comoros

Friends of ours had gone to Comoros earlier in the year and stayed at Le Galawa hotel on Grande Comoros, swimming, snorkelling and having fun with all the water sports available at the hotel.

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Deserted islands aplenty - Anyone want to buy me one?

Across the water, on the edge of the aquamarine expanse lay a ribbon of white sand. On either side, trimmed by rocks and topping it, a blur of lush green tropical growth. The island looked deserted and inviting, except for a lone figure scrutinising us.

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