52 Photos that will make you jealous (and surprise you)

Drooling permitted


Breakaways and holidays are quickly becoming a distant but I hope, a fond memory as 2018 speeds full steam ahead. Those that made new year’s resolutions may soon heave them into the abyss of more pressing agendas and responsibilities. I for one, have made a list. We’ll see how many of them I attain.

I’m kicking off the new year by easing into my blogs – for your benefit (OK, I admit, for mine as well). I’d hate to bore you with long tales so early in the year so I haven't written a lengthy blog and therefore I’ve published photos of some of the things we did in December.

Although we ventured away from home, it was a holiday to spend quality time with some of our family and friends. Sorry to disappoint you, I won’t bombard you with embarrassing family portraits. Especially ones where the aunts and uncles embarrass the rest of the family and get out of hand after demanding an extra glass of sherry. I can hear you sigh with relief.

Although we spent valuable time with some of the important people in our lives, enjoying festivities and celebrations, we had the opportunity to explore one or two places. Here’s hoping you will drool over them with envy or gawk with a touch of shocked amusement.

We flew to Cape Town and spent some time in Fish Hoek and Gansbaai. We also explored a wine farm in the beautiful valley near Stellenbosch and Paarl. Babylonstoren is an abundant delight to all the senses. Pity I can only share one of them with you. It should still be enough to whet your appetite and if you are ever in that area, do pay them a visit.



Fish Hoek

Walking on the beach with Simonstown in the background. In the second photo you will see the shark net with yellow buoys deployed for safe swimming in the nook of the bay.

www.roaming-fox.com Fish Hoek 3.JPG
www.roaming-fox.com Fish Hoek.JPG
www.roaming-fox.com Fish Hoek 2.JPG


Gansbaai Harbour

www.roaming-fox.com Gansbaai Harbour 4.JPG


Fishing Boats - In the water and on the slipway - Maintenance time


www.roaming-fox.com Gansbaai harbour 2.JPG
www.roaming-fox.com Gansbaai Harbour.JPG


Vendor selling produce in Hermanus

Biltong must be valuable! But more than likely keeping himself, his cash and his produce safe. Sad state of affairs and breaks my heart to see this.

Crockery found while digging at Babylonstoren

Crockery found while digging at Babylonstoren

Love the attention to detail

Love the attention to detail

Sensual experience - lotions and potions to buy

Sensual experience - lotions and potions to buy


Architecture and Features



Vistas, Gardens, Plants


Fruit trees, Vegetables & Herbs


Irrigation and Sluice Gates

Fascinated by these, as I grew up with canals and trenches for water similar to these on the side of the roads in some of the small towns I lived in


Greenhouse Plants & Features


Culinary delights

Love the presentation. Pie with a pastry lid, Panini wrapped up in gorgeous printed paper and humble bread spruced up with Pear and Gorgonzola.


Bathroom delights

Even the home of the porcelain throne is worth a visit

We never got to the wine tasting! Next time!!


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